10 October 2014

Choosing colors

Today I'm working on the final adjustments for the new collection/samples. All drawings and colors must be checked with a color swatch so I know that the color will be good when printing. Quite a big job because I like to use a lot of colors. 

I always find it very exciting when the first sample is printed. Are the colors right? And do they match well with each other? 

Usally there are always a few colors to be adjusted. But when I work with a large color swatch with numbers on it, I'm should be quite safe. The dangerous part is when you rely too much on the colors of your screen, then it can go very wrong with the colors and turn out different than expected. 

Next to that it's also important that you work in the right light. In a dark room with lots of lamps, the fabric sample will get a discolour, so I prefer working in a room with lots of natural light. Even on a rainy day the air can give a false hue to your colors. You should try paing attention to colors in your home and see what the different lights do to them.

Have a nice colorfull day.

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