27 June 2014

Lots of storage!

For those who doesn't follow me on my new blog: 

With the arrival of 2000 pieces of new products, I suddenly had to figure out a very good idea where I would stall them. Did I want to rent storage somewhere or having all boxes standing here at home? 

Noooo! As stated earlier, I love to have everything here at home. Everything within reach, where I can quickly take action if there is an order. But 2000 pieces are lots of cuddles and music boxes. Where do I put them?

Now I luckily love a challenge when it comes to layout and design, and so I went looking for a solution that would not be too hard and not too expensive, and one that could be carried out here at home. And I did it! On the internet I found 24 pieces of drawers for my Ikea closet, perfect for my products! And at the hardware store, they had a nice simple shelf where I can store all my little supplies and materials in neat white new boxes. 

With a lot of measuring and moving around and giving up a little bit of my bureau, I now have a very ordered room with storage for (almost everything). Now we see how long I can keep it so neatly. Do you also like a tidy work environment or should it be messier to feel good?

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