07 March 2014

Anybody here from Finland??

I am from Denmark and I am a Scandinavian girl, and when people hear that, they think that you then know all the countries there and all the languages. 

But unfortunately it’s not true. I have only been to Sweden once when I was very young, and at school we didn’t learn the other Scandinavian languages. And Finland was a country very far away. 

My image of Finland use to be with snow there all year and with a lot of reindeers. And the language was really a language I absolutely did not understand. The only thing I know in Finnish is yksi kaksi kolme and that means one, two tree :-) ! 

Today it would have been practical if I could speak the other Scandinavian languages, because I need to translate some small lines into Finnish. 

And that brings me to the point of this blog mail. Do you by any chance speak Finnish and can/will you help me with translating a few sentences into Finnish? 

It doesn’t take much time. I have used Google Translate but have no idea if it’s correct, (which it normally never is) So would you be able to help me??? Please!!!

You can contact me by sending an email to this adress: marianne@dig-mig.nl

I would be so happy if there is someone who can help me.


  1. Hejsa. Jeg arbejder sammen med en finsk pige, der bor her i DK, tænker da jeg nemt kan få hende til at hjælp dig, hvis du ikke finder andre.
    Min mailadr er soegaard@firma.tele.dk
    Mvh Lene

  2. Hej igen. Jeg kan ikke besvare din mail, men har istedet svaret dig på din facebook side.
    Mvh Lene


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