12 January 2014

New year - New dresses

I have so been missing blogging the last half year of 2013 and have decided to work on that here in 2014. 

But it has already gone wrong and way too long before I now place my first blog in the New Year. I will work on that and hope to see you all more this year.

Last week I made a new dress for the girls. I wanted to make something special, but with the blue one nothing worked what I wanted to make and it went wrong already but cutting the dress. Sometimes basic is also good enough and the color does it all for Alieke. She looks really great in that blue color and we together decided that it was ok to keep it simple then. 

The striped dress I love! It’s also a simple model but with the stripes turned around in the front it makes it special and unique. The only thing is that the sleeves are very long, but that was a wish from Emmelie. She loves when they are long. It also means that she can use it for a longer time then.


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