22 January 2014

Logo Dig&Mig finished

I just finished making a wooden logo for the fair ‘Playtime’ in Paris. 

My husband cut the letters and I painted them and glued them on a piece of wood. I am quite happy with the results and I am almost ready for the fair. 

I hope to meet a lot of nice people there and I am curios to hear what they think about our collection. If you are coming too I hope you will drop by. Stand C16.

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  1. Hej. Har kigget forbi din webshop for første gang, på især lamperne og har lidt spørgsmål. Jeg kan se der er fire forskellige lamper at vælge mellem dem, men der står intet om størrelsesforskellen? Hvordan går lyset igennem? Og sidst men ikke mindst sender i til Danmark fra webshoppen? :)


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