18 December 2013

Dig&Mig collection

Our new collection is finally here and we are already up and running with old and new customers. 

The well-known Dig&Mig web shop has been updated with new products for everyone and we have made a second shop especially for the retailers. 

Next to that we have also a nice digital book to show new customers and if you have a shop somewhere in Holland or elsewhere and you are interested in selling our products, we would be glad to send you more information about our products.(for more information about retail, please send me an e-mail here)

If you click on the picture below you all have the chance to take a look in our digital book with all our new products.

By the way! The digital book is in Dutch but will soon also be available in English. Sorry about that!

Nb. I would love to here your comments on the new collection!


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