16 December 2013

Costume love!

My big girl has been busy at school lately with a Bach project. They have been singing songs from Bach and playing his music. 

Yesterday they had a performance in a church in Alkmaar with Bach ‘himself’ which was telling us about what he loves and how he composes his music. It was a performance with the children from school and they were making a piece together with real musicians which are playing and singing Bach daily.

Alieke wanted to be dressed like the time from Bach (1700) and asked her mum “Mum can’t you make a dress for me from that time?” Of course I can my dear!! Hmm…. But it had to be a quick made dress and with fabric that I had. 

We used my wedding dress skirt underneath and with some easy draping and a few stitching I made this dress in a few hours, and with the right hairdo and some make-up she came pretty close to the look from 1700. 

She looked beautiful and the performance was really great. So funny to see that she loves to be dressed up and doesn’t care what the other children think of her. She was shining!!

She is here posing in the garden, it was unfortunately too crowded in the church to take some good pictures of her.


  1. That's just ADORABLE! She looks so cute in this dress, and very confident!

    1. Thanks Rachel :-) She was very confident indeed!!


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