01 October 2013

Young models

My girls were having a very special day last Saturday. They were for one day young models for Marjon and Nicole’s shop ’Kuukz’ in Alkmaar. 

Marjon is also my new partner with Dig&Mig and she has next to Dig&Mig also a cute shop in Alkmaar with all kind of exciting things for children. The inner city of Alkmaar was filled with all kind of activities last Saturday and the shops could show their new collections for the winter. 

Luckily my girls were together with friends on the stage and it was all fun and exciting for them all. It was very difficult to stand still and listen to what they were suppose to do, but it all went great. They did a good job, they had fun and they all stole the show.

The whole groep together doing silly and having fun .

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