10 October 2013

Too many cushions? or maybe not?

Do you recognize the problem that you have a lot cushions laying around outside in the summer and when the fall arrives you need to take all the cushions inside? The garage isn’t warm and dry enough any longer.  

But where do I place all these cushions??? 

Because of the colorful prints they have, they all fit perfectly in the girl’s room, so I decided to place them in their rooms this morning. 

They already had a few cushions, but it didn’t quite work as a lounge corner. Now with the extra cushion it looks quite nice I think and inviting to chill, so this might be a good solution for my summer cushions until next year.



  1. Wauw, wat een geweldige plekjes. Echt niet teveel kussens :-)

  2. there is no such thing as too many cushions :) zo'n leuke kamer!!

  3. Wat een geweldig leuke kamers! (En kussens :-))

  4. Thank you all for your nice comments. The girls are very happy with the cushions and would actually love to have more. So my question is answered I guess :-)


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