02 September 2013

Apple puree and applecake gone too fast...

I have picked a lot of the apples in the garden by now, but can’t get by the apples in the top. But I also wanted to leave some for the birds. They can use them as well.

From all our apples this year I wanted to make different things with them. I first started making an apple cake Saturday. Very simple, but very delicious. It was all eaten before I thought about taking a picture of it. 

Yesterday I used almost all the apples with spots on or in the apples. Cut everything out and made a great apple puree. I cleaned a big jar and now keep it in the fridge. Next week my parents are coming and I had an idea of making a great Danish dessert with this. Maybe you know it; æblegrød with cream and amaretto cookies.


  1. I love the autumn and can't wait to get cooking with apples. Wild blackberries will soon be ready to pick here too; combination made in heaven!


    1. Good luck with your cooking soon with apples :-)


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