18 September 2013

A few pieces of memories

3 month ago I wrote a piece about a mother at school which had lost the fight against cancer. I then promised her two girls that if they wanted, I would make a cushion for them from the clothes of their mother as a memory of her. 

The youngest daughter would love that and last week I got a box of clothes which I could use. It was mostly basic things, but a few pieces inspired me to use and thinking about Esther and what she loved and thinking about an 8 years old girls style, I came up with these tree cushions. 

The sunflower was Esters favorite flower and was almost a symbol when she died. So many people had bought sunflowers for her.
The green flower cushion was from a dress of hers and the heart was from a fleece vest she wore the last time I saw her. 

I hope that these cushions will help her daughter to bring her a little bit back to her mother when she needs to and use them when she is sad or down or needs a moment alone.  I just can’t imagine how it would be without a mother and hope that this little gesture can help her to be strong and to remember all the good things about her mother. 

For you Marit


  1. The story is wonderful and so are the recycled cushions. I love the sunflower!

  2. What a very special thing to do for those children, I'm sure they will be treasured and held close :) x

  3. je moeder verliezen is hard, zeker op zo'n jonge leeftijd. Die kussens zullen haar zeker helpen om met enige blijdschap aan haar mama te kunnen denken.

  4. Jee, such a nice thing to do! These cushions will be cherished forever, I'm sure!

  5. Thank you all for your nice comments. This was indeed a special project.


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