23 August 2013

The last crackledoll's!!

Yes! These doll’s will be the last one’s I make of this design, but luckily you can get a new one in (I hope) about a few month. Therefore I today decided to sew the last ones I have here at home, so I have more space for when the new collection arrives.

Talking about the new collection. We are still busy with getting our samples right with an extern company. It is not going the easiest way here in the beginning and normally we all like to show the best things we make or see here on the blogs, but this time I want to show you how wrong it also can go for some people. 

How it got this far I don’t know, but this is defiantly not the quality I am looking for in my new collection and I really hope that I in the nearest future will be able to show you some great stuff as well, because a whole new collection is waiting to see the light.

But for now many things has gone wrong with the production and we still have some barriers to break down. So be patience with me please!!

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