17 August 2013

Summer vacation

I can’t believe that is has been a whole moth since I last place something here on my blog. Time just flies so fast here in the summer and as you might have guessed already; yes I have also been away on vacation. This year we went to Italy with the car. First we went to the lake of Como in the north of Italy. A beautiful lake with big mountains all around. We stayed in a house very high above the sea level and had the most beautiful view there. 

A duck also liked the surroundings there and had 3 little duckling the very same day as we arrived there. But finding food for the young ones in the pool wasn’t that successful so she decided to leave the place a walked all the way down with her ducklings to find a perfect place for the four of them.

After Como we went to Caorle about 40 km from Venice. There we also stayed in a nice house and made some daytrips to beautiful places and nice beaches. We one day went to Venice with the train. Venice is such a beautiful and special city with so much history. We walked around there for a whole day and enjoyed the atmosphere and the Italian food there. It was very hot that day and we ended it with a nice splash in the pool afterward. 

From Venice we went to a place just outside Insbrug in Austria. There Michiel has an old friend living with his family. They are busy rebuilding their house in the mountains and their view from their balcony was just as stunning as the one we had by the Como lake.

And now I am almost back to normal with work and school like we are use to. Monday the school starts again and then there are no more excuses for not getting back to work again. But I also really looking forward to work again and know that some exiting moths are waiting ahead of me with new stuff.

It has been a great summer and I hope you have had the same too. I hope that the summer weather will continue a little bit longer because I just love being outside and see the girls running around playing with friends and being able to eat outside now and then.

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