26 August 2013

It's time for an ....Appelpie

The twigs are hanging very low in our garden at the moment and it just looks so beautiful with the sun shining through them. 

It is still nicely hot here in Holland and I just enjoy this temperature so much. Yesterday we went on our bikes to the beach with the girls and the girls just couldn’t get enough of it. We decided to stay there for dinner as well, and it was just a perfect day. 

Today I decided that it’s time for a little apple harvest because and the birds have starting steeling our apples in the top of the tree. That means that they must be good or almost good. It also means that it’s time for a homemade apple pie, but I first want to look through my recipes for a good one. 

If you have a recipe with apples you think is special and defiantly worth trying, I would love if you would share it with me.

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