13 July 2013

New labels!!!

Yes! I am still here and no! I am not on a summer holiday yet, though it might seem that way because I don’t post that much here lately. But we are taking it a bit more slowly here. The girls started their summer holiday last week and my parents have just been here the last 5 day’s so work must happened in between everything here at home. 

A few days ago big things happened for my little company. From being a one woman company it has now turned into a two women company. The mother from Alieke’s best friend (Marjon Crucq) is now, as much as I am part of Dig&Mig and together we will try to make my products available for a bigger public than I had so far. 

It is very excited to take the next step, and nice to have someone to share it with which believed as much as I do in my designs. But I also have to get use to sharing and talking about every little thing which comes up and sometimes face things that I didn’t have to face before or didn’t want to. So I also see that it’s very learning for me at the same time. 

The other day I just picked up our new labels for our new collection. I am very pleased with them and for the first time I really have my own style label which match with our logo, how cool is that?

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