03 July 2013

New fabrics

Yesterday new fabric samples arrived with all my new designs. I was very excited to receive i,t because they are all new design,s and they are printed for the first time by a new company here in Holland and that makes it makes so much easier and faster and we speak the same language. 

I am very satisfied with this result and the quality is so much better. The colors don’t get washed away after a few times in the washing machine and they are great and bright. If you are interested the company is called Exprezzit and you can find it HERE.

I was Yesterday also at a wholesale company for sewing supplies. I just want to show you these ribbons I bought for my new collection. Next week I will tell you some more about what I am busy with and about my new collection.

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  1. Dat ziet weer mooi en vrolijk uit, Marianne! Het wordt vast weer een hele leuke collectie. Leuk om mee bezig te zijn.

  2. Wow! wat een leuke stofjes! Hoe lang nog voor we die kunnen bestellen?! :)

  3. Wat enig allemaal! Ik ben heel benieuwd wat je allemaal gaat maken...

  4. Pretty prints! Love the pattern inspiration in here. Got my eye on your next posts.


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