13 June 2013



The wind is really rough today and moving everything around outside in the garden. I had to help a big climbing rose that I have back to its place. It use to hang over the swings, but today it wanted to take a jump down to the ground. Luckily nothing happened to it. It won’t be much longer before all the flowers will come out and give the most wonderful smell in the garden, so I was glad it didn’t break.

But I decided to cut some other flowers for a vase inside. I don’t know what you call them in English, but they also have a very sweet a nice fragrance and always reminds me about Denmark and my birthdays when I was younger.

My mum and Dad use to have a tree with these flowers in the garden and it was always with flowers around my birthday. My Mum then cut some off and placed them in a vase for the birthday table. A little memory which comes back every year.


  1. They look like lilacs, they are beautiful! I'm so glad your rosé didn't break, it's very windy and wet here today too :) x

  2. They're called lilacs indeed, the smell is fantastic!

  3. Thank you both for helping me with the name of the flower. Now I only have one question about the name and that is; I know that these come in white and more puple as well. What do you then call them?? :-)

  4. We have a dark purple lilac tree that has shed it's petal like purple confetti on the path.


  5. Too pretty for words. Love the new found inspiration in here. Got my eye on your next posts.

  6. Hi! My name's Annalisa I'm from Italy !
    Really like your blog ! Hope You'll have time to visit mine too :D


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