21 June 2013


The last couple of weeks we have slowly trying to prepare ourselves for what is going to happen today.  A sweet mother for two girls and a loving husband, a sister, a daughter, daughter in law and a friend to many has to let go today. 

She will leave to a place beyond our imagination. Her body and strong mind and heart just can’t fight it any longer. Cancer! Yes she as well has lost the fight, but she tried and did what was possible and I have so much respect for how she did it. Always positive and smiling. That is something that I will always remember about her. 

When someone that young dies and leaves young children and husband behind I just can’t stop thinking that it’s a cruel world we have. Why can’t we fix it and help all these sick people? I heard that they think to be able to cure 90% of all cancer in about 20 years. That is just sooooo TO LATE for so many people. They have invented so many other things we couldn’t have dreamed about 10-15 years ago. Why not cancer?? 

Today is a sad day and the coming period will be tough for her nearest. I wish them strength and all the best and hope that they can look back with lot’s of happy memories of her. Today I light a candle for...    Esther van der Steen.    



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