24 May 2013

Small changes

Last week I made some small changes by the girls working space in the living room. 

They normally had a magnetic board for their drawings, but it always looked quite messy and full all the time and even though I love to be able to see their funny drawings on the wall, I suddenly had enough of it in the living room. 

The redecorated type rack has been a little bit homeless for a while since the girls last year got their new rooms. I couldn’t find a good place for it... until now! Now they can put all kind of small things on the small shelves that they find or get from everywhere, and then it doesn’t get loss that easily anymore. 

And now you properly think that I have been to a second hand shop again when you see the picture of the white lamp on the right. No! It is a totally new lamp that I bought. It comes from Ikea, can you believe that? It just fit perfectly with the retro stuff and is nice and neutral at the same time. They also have the lamp in a few colors as well if you are interested.


  1. Beautiful!!! Love that wallpaper and the lamp :-)

  2. Yep, found your blog and love it
    thats my style,that ikea lamp looks good indeed it reminds me of
    a 1970 vase !
    greetings from Bathseba

  3. Pretty! Definitely smitten by these adorable space. Got my eye on that lampshade and so as your next posts.


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