06 May 2013


We are taking it very slow here at home at the moment. The girls have a two weeks school holiday and the last week we have been busy painting and redecorating their little house in the garden. 

The wooden ceilings and floors were not looking that fresh any longer, so I decided to paint it so it would be nice and fresh for the summer. The chalkboards also got a new splash of paint and are looking great again. The cushions are back in the house after a winter in their rooms, and other pieces of toy will properly enter the little house in the next coming weeks when the weather gets better and better. 

I am also working a new wooden sofa in the garden, but it’s not quite finished yet so you will see that later on. 

This week we also leave for a trip to Denmark. I am really looking forward to go back again. This time we will be at the west coast in my parents little summerhouse. Have a nice day all of you.


  1. That looks fantastic! Ik zou er zo zelf in willen kruipen ...


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