19 May 2013

Finally green all over!!!

We just never stop talking about the weather. It’s always so unpredictable and never gives us what we want.

Like the spring this year. We have really been waiting for it longer than normal, and nature just can’t wait any longer and is finally getting green all over.The only thing we are still waiting for is some warmer temperatures, they are still very low for the season. 

But never the less! My little garden is ready for the summer and some cozy evenings on our new couch that finally is painted the right color after 3 layer, and my retro cushions also just got finished today. New plants and flowers have also taken their places and still have a lot of space in the pots to grow big and beautiful. 

So please come with some summer temperatures and the barbeque and white wine can come out in the open.




  1. What heb jij geluk met al die mooie bloemen:-) Hier in Noorwegen waar ik woon duurt het nog even... Groetjes, Anne Lise

    1. Moeten jullie ook langer dan normaal wachten op de bloemen dit jaar of is het altijd zo in Norwegen?

  2. Your garden looks fab....yes warmer temperatures would be good! :) x

  3. What a stunning garden space! I too love pretty pink and purple flowers together x

  4. Hvor ser det dog helt utrolig hyggeligt ud! :)


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