13 May 2013


Yesterday we came back from a little holiday in Denmark. We stayed in the summerhouse from my parents at the west coast and it was lovely to be back.

We haven’t been there for years and a lot of things had changed since then. Inside nothing had changed since years but outside trees were gone and young trees had taken the place instead, which gave a totally new view.The girls couldn’t remember it any longer, but liked it a lot even though it was quite cold this time. 

But we had a nice time together with grandma and grandpa and went to see some real Danish tourist attractions that they had there. We went to a house which was decorated with shells from all over. They called it the snail house but it was more shells than snail houses you saw. Funny to see how a hobby can turn into an attraction in the middle of nowhere. But the girls love shells and wanted to buy them all.

Now we are back again and into normal after two weeks of holiday.


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