15 May 2013

A new beauty salon!

A few weeks ago I was at a market in Amsterdam together with a friend. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular and my husband had before I left warned me about coming home with too much crap. 'No no' I said, 'don’t worry'!! 

But things went a little bit different than I thought, and suddenly at the market I was standing in front of this hairdryer, smiling and said to my friend; 'What a cool old fashioned thing'!. Not even thinking about buying it. But the lady who wanted to sell this hairdryer came to me and told me that I could buy it for 1 euro. 1 euro???? I was laughing and suddenly my head started spinning with ideas and thinking that for 1 euro I couldn’t leave it there. I had to buy it. And so I did with a big smile and laugh with my friend. Who buy’s an old hairdryer??? The funniest thing is that it even works!!

But as you can see on the photo’s I have no plans of using it myself. It has become a great piece of toy now, and later on I am going to use it a bit differently for my book. 

But for now it’s for the beauty salon for the doll’s here at home. As you can see on the photo’s its quite windy (even though it’s not turned on:-)) and Miss Dolly is not sure that she likes it yet. I think she has to get use to a thing like this, even though it’s as old as She is.





  1. Wat een gaaf ding, en dat voor een euro!
    Gegarandeerd veel speelplezier. :)

  2. Hahaha! My husband says exactely the the same! Love the hairdrayer. My mother used te have one.

  3. This is sooo funny, the things we buy, but you know something, I really like it, does that make me as crazy as you!!! :) x

    1. Hi Ada, I wouldn't go that far to call you crazy as well, but be carefull it's a dangerous area :-)You never know!!!

  4. Sikken en herlig hårtørrer, kan tydeligt huske at min mor havde sådan en :-)

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