11 April 2013

Me and Dolly

I am working on a new style for my collection. I had an idea in my head but it changed in the time that I was working on it, and even though I want to make some new changes, it still has to fit the rest of my collection somehow. 

I think this drawing is close to a final result and I was curious of what you think of it? Imagine it on a cushion, but it could also be on a bag or purse or maybe a t-shirt?


  1. I like your new design, reminds me of a 1950s child, I think it would look good on a picture too! :) x

    1. The girl is from the fifties. The inspiration still comes from old pictures like all the other things that I make. :-)

    2. And yes, on a picture would be a good idea too!!


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