05 April 2013

Kringloopgeluk (secondhand shop happiness)

One of the blogs that I have been following for a long time is the blog Ingthing by Ingrid van Willenswaard. She has just been publishing her own book which is a beautiful book filled with a lot of small DIY’s and beautiful thoughts and text about what’s going on in her life and mind. 

I really love the way she writes and the way she combines it with pictures from things she finds in secondhand shops or markets around the country. She really has her own style with text and pictures that looks so simple, but I just can’t do it myself. She can make a story out the simplest things around her and deserve the fame that is coming to her. 

I really hope that her book get popular and maybe also reach foreign countries one day as well. I think she can get far with her book and way of writing and thinking.


  1. Mooi, hé?
    Past ook perfect bij jou lijkt me.

  2. Lovely book, I wonder if its translated into English! :) x

  3. It looks like such a great book!!!! xo


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