19 April 2013

Flowers for spring

Yesterday I ran into this flower painting at the second hand shop. They are not that easy to find any longer because you see them a lot in the magazines. I love the idea of making a whole wall with all kind of paintings with flowers and yesterday I was lucky to find this big painting which I really like as well. I love the color combination. 

My husband looked at me last night and said what the meaning of this was? (He is not so crazy about flowers in interiors, but sometimes he just has to accept it) But I am not going to tell him my plan yet. I am already busy collecting these paintings for a wall somewhere in the house, but before I have enough there is no reason to make him worried. Little by little he get used to the flowers in house and before he knows it, he accepts them and might even like them!!


  1. You make me laugh, my husband is the same...I have to get him used to things gradually! Fab painting :) x


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