08 April 2013

12,5 years

Saturday Michiel and I were married for 12 and a half year. I just can’t believe that it has been that long. The picture is from our wedding. What do we look different! Michiel with hair and some very old fashioned glasses and I without wrinkles and marks under my eyes! 

Michiel surprised me with a trip to Paris just the two of us and we had a wonderful weekend there just walking around enjoying the atmosphere around us and doing some shopping and eating some great food. We didn’t have many plans and just decided in the last minute what to do. Perfect!! My parents in law were here to take care of the girls which were so lovely. Then I know that they are in good hands.

Now we are back and everything is back to normal. The girls are at school and I am pulling myself together to start a cleaning here in house after a long weekend away from home. But first here are some pictures from beautiful Paris.


  1. Proficiat! 12.5 jaar, dat lijkt inderdaad héél lang! Wij binnenkort 6 jaar....

  2. Van harte gefeliciteerd met jullie 12½ jarig huwelijk en een weekend Parijs, zó romantisch. Leuk hoor ! Óp naar de 25 jaar ! Ik ben al aardig onderweg, al bijna 21 jaar getrouwd met de liefste man van de wereld !

  3. How romantic, Paris is beautiful! :) x


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