07 March 2013

Preparing for SPRING!!!

We have just had some beautiful spring day’s here in Holland and you then feel that we are SO ready for warmer temperatures, hearing birds sing and watching the trees and plants gets greener and greener.

I have been busy in the garden cleaning up and just enjoying being outside for hours. But with warmer weather you also get confronted with what to wear. Half of the day it’s very cold and you still need your winter coat on, but the other half of the day the sun gets warmer and warmer and your want to take the thick layers off your body!!! I wanted my spring jacket! I found it the other day and realized that it wasn’t that good looking any longer and I needed a new one this year.  

I was looking on the internet for a new one, and couldn’t find one I really liked. I had an idea what I wanted and knew that I had to make it mysel,f if I wanted one. 

So I have now started on making the pattern for my spring coat, and the inspiration is coming from old pattern books that I have for years. They often give me inspiration for making clothes or details that I want to use. 

The patterns in the back of the books are scary and not really easy to use. I also think that our bodies are different from the time they made the books, so I won’t even try using the measures. 

How the jacket finally will look like I still keep for myself a little longer. The design is still in progress and the weather is getting colder here again, so I guess that I not that much in a hurry any longer. Spring is still not really winning from the cold winter period.


  1. Wauw! That's a huge project. Can't wait to see the result.
    Good luck!

  2. Wiiiii, how exciting!!! Can´t wait to see more photos :) xo


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