26 March 2013


Next week my husband and I are going to Paris for a long weekend just the two of us. I am really looking forward to walking around in Paris without the girls complaining about this or that all the time. This is going to be our time. We can do what we want. Shop till you drop or take one café after the other. Walk around all day watching all the beautifull things around us, taking a lot of pictures and just be together. 

It’s not often that we can do that with the children around, and I must admit that I mostly prefer being away with the four of us. But once in a few years the need is there for just being the two of us. Thinking about each other and not at the girls. They will be in excellent hands with their grandparents. 

Thinking about Paris I was hoping that I also could get some few tips where to go or what to see from some of you. (And I am not looking for the big tourist attractions, but the small special places or markets or shops that you might easy miss if you don’t know about them). 

I know Paris quite well, I have been there a lot of times, but it has now been ages since the last time, and time change and so does the shops around and what’s hot and not. So if you lately have been there and know a few good tips for me I will appreciate very much.


  1. Sound wonderful! Have a great time! :) x

  2. The Quarters around Mont Martre are still among the most wonderfull! Personally my husband and I prefer museums, Louvre is unforgetable and/but in french only many parts of it.

  3. Try this blog: http://paris-by-journal-de-jours.blogspot.fr/
    And enjoy! :-)


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