11 March 2013


Yesterday Alieke (my eldest daughter) was in the mood for being creative together with her mum. She wanted to make something with me and I suggested that we could make some new hair elastic’s for my web shop?? 

I didn’t have to ask her twice about that, and immediately her first lesson started in making buttons. She loved it and kept going while I was cutting fabric to place on the buttons. 

She really made almost all of them and was very proud (so was I) that she could do all that by herself. Today they are all for sale in my web shop, so if you are interested?? Take a look here.


  1. oh die zijn leuk zeg, knap gedaan van je dochter! Helaas hier in huis geen meisjes die dit soort elastiekjes dragen :-(
    Ik had het nét even eerder moeten zien, want ik had gisteren en verjaardag van een klein nichtje. Volgende keer weet ik je te vinden. Groetjes van Sylvia

  2. Kan godt forstå du er stolt. Hvor er hun sej:-) de er bare fine:-)

    kh Anita

  3. Oh they are wonderful for little girls! :) xo


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