14 February 2013

No more bread!!

Yesterday I was visiting the local second hand shops to search for a little closet or book shelf for Alieke’s ‘Lego friends’ to place on. But I just couldn’t find anything worth buying. I almost left the last shop when my eyes felt on some breadboxes on the ground (and this orange one in particular). 

I think a lot of the Dutch readers might recognize this one from their own mother or maybe grandmother? It comes from Brabantia and is quite well known here in Holland. My husband recognizes it at ones. “My grandmother had one exactly like this one” he said with a big smile! 

Alieke loved it and I found some legs to place underneath so it would look more like a little closet or maybe like a dresser?

It fit perfectly to her other things in her room and is a good solution for her Lego for now (if she doesn’t get more :-)) You can easily take it all down to the floor a play with it all and when you are done you put everything back on top or inside the box.

Nb. I might paint the legs in a more matching color, but for now I think it's ok!



  1. WOW I LOVE that!! Great find and clever use with the legs.. I LOVE orange!

  2. Oh, pure nostalgie, zo mooi!
    (ik zou de pootjes ook verven in een knalkleurtje...)

  3. Haha, this is so cool! :) Great use for it :)

  4. Wauu- I love this idea- i was planning on using some bookcases for my daughters lego friends... but this one I have to copy...


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