07 February 2013

New paper lamps

I made a paper lamp like this one last year as a symbol for my shop when I am on a market selling my products. I never imagine that it would get so much attention as it did. A lot of people wanted to buy it, but he wasn’t for sale!!! 

Now I have made it possible for everybody to make one yourself with the same pictures on. 

I have made three DIY packages in three different sizes for you to choose. You can make the lamp in a size 20cm, 30cm or 40cm (in diameter) In the packages you have a rice paper lamp and enough pictures to stick onto the lamp all around. If you want one take a look here.







  1. What a brilliant idea, kids (and big kids!) would love these! :) x

  2. They are super pretty! I would put one in every room ;)

  3. Ze zijn prachtig! Ideaal voor een kinderkamer!


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