21 February 2013

Holiday at home

We are all having a great and relaxed holiday here at home this week.  The girls are off from school and my husband and I are both not working this week which is super relaxed. 

We decided to stay at home at just do want we wanted. So far we have been to ‘Nemo’ a museum in Amsterdam for the girls, we have been swimming in a tropical bath, we have been sleeping late in the mornings and wearing our pyjama’s all morning. Pies have been made. Trips to the beach, playing games and much more. 

We still have 3 days to go and then it’s back to work again for all of us, but I don’t want to think much about that now. 

Now I just want to give you a little extra information about my music box on my web shop. If you are thinking about buying one but are afraid that the tune inside will be terrible, you now have the change to listen to it first before buying. Take a look here.


  1. I love the one with the deer!!!

  2. I love the one with the flower, I love the one with the house. ;) I fell in love with every thing you discussed up there.


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