24 January 2013

Long wanted tissuescover

For a very long time I have been planning to make this tissues cover, but it just never got that far. 

Today I was busy with some things for our new dining area and I thought that today should be the day that I finally would make one. And so I did!!! 

But why today? Well…. Maybe because I am caring the box with me around the house all day. I am having a cold and my nose has never been that fluid for a long time, so why not make that box a bit more pretty to look at when I need it the most.  


  1. Oh you know what - this is on my to do list since ages and I never made one so far! Yours is beautiful and the fabric is really nice, too!

  2. Hvor er den fin! Har du en opskrift du vil dele?

    1. Hej Nanna, Jeg vil gerne hjælpe dig med et mønster, men jeg har ikke rigtig et. Jeg pakkede tissueskassen først ind med papier. Foldede det rigtig godt i hjørnerne og pakkede det ud igen. På den måde fik jeg et mønster. Jeg fandt dog lige en DIY hos hende her (http://zogekniptsewalong.blogspot.nl/2013/01/jos-tissueboxcover.html) men det er på hollandsk. Måske at du selv ellers kan google lidt. Held og lykke.

  3. Love this! Make it worth having a cold! :) x


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