13 January 2013

Cup cake cup weekend!

Here in Holland we have just had this program on television which they called ‘the Cup cake cup’. 

It was a group of children from the age of 9 to 12 years old which had to try to be the best in making cup cakes. It was such a popular program here at home that my oldest were dreaming of doing the same and being the best in making cupcakes. She also wanted to make everything herself without my help and so she did a couple of weeks ago.

But that was not enough. She wanted more and my youngest also wanted to try the same. So I promised them that we could turn this weekend into a Cup cake weekend and make some different cup cakes. What an idea!!! They were all smiles and couldn’t wait for the weekend to come. A friend of Alieke’s was also very into the idea a came to assist. 

It was a long day of baking and decorating with a lot of laughter and fun and mess. It was all over, but who cares on a day like that? Here you see the results of yesterday. Today we still have a lot of cupcakes to enjoy.





  1. Wat een feestelijkheid! Leuk idee hoor! Ook hier in huis is enthousiast meegekeken.

  2. Det ser vildt lækkert ud. Dygtige unger:-)

  3. Hoi mayenne,
    Mooie site. Leuk je gesproken te hebben gisteren,
    Groetjes Saskia

    1. Hoi Saskia,

      Ik vond het ook gezellig. Heb jou site ook gevonden. Erg leuk!


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