23 January 2013

Assignment completed!!

My girls are not really the type which has to try everything that looks funny. They are afraid of heights and speed and we really have to convince them to try new things which has something to do with those two things.

Two years ago we took them to this hill where you can have a lot of fun with a sleigh. But the very first time Alieke took the way down she felt for over and hurt herself badly. Emmelie, the young one saw that and didn’t even want to try after that. So sleighing was not their thing. 

This week (two years later) I thought it was time to get rid of that fear, because it can be so much fun for them if they just wanted to try again. And so we did today! And as you can see on the pictures they went up and down and up… and down again and they were having so much fun that they didn’t want to leave when my toes couldn't take any more and where frozen as ice cubes. 

Now they are asking when we will go there again and I think for myself with a little smile on my face; assignment completed!!!


  1. Ik heb je getipt op mijn blog, je hebt een leuke blog!


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