21 January 2013

A late christmas gift

In the beginning of December we order these beautiful dining chairs from Hay as a Christmas gift for ourselves and last Thursday they finally arrived. I am so happy them!

They are light, contemporary, basic and very easy to clean. I just need to make some nice cushions for the seating because they are quite cold when you get seated. Next to that will it give the chairs some own personality. 

But I also want to do something with our table, but I am not really sure what exactly. Maybe I only want to paint the legs; white or go crazy with a green perhaps? Or a gray? 

The white wall behind also needs a little make over at the same time and there I am thinking about wallpaper in a light color, maybe with white bricks? But I still need some time to think about it. If you have any good ideas please leave a comment!



  1. The chairs are fantastic! I bought myself some Eames chairs and had the same "problem" with my table. I ended up painting the legs white, and left the top as it was. It looks great!

  2. Åh lad dog værre. De er så skønne de stole!

  3. Love these chairs too, are they sitting well? I'm looking for white dining chairs myself! Love the combi white and wood!

    1. The sitting is very well. You can easily sit in the chair for a long dinner. I will though make a little cushion for them, because they can feel a little bit cold to sit on.

  4. Super lækre stole!! Lyder som nogle gode idéer til bord og væg, glæder mig til at se hvad du finder på:0)
    Kh. Louise

  5. Det ser vel nok godt og hyggeligt ud!!


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