27 December 2012

The christmas dinner

The Christmas day’s just past so fast. My parents from Denmark were here and we had a really nice cozy family time together.

Here are a few pictures from our Christmas dinner table the 24th, before all food came at the table. It’s quite a reasonability to cook the Christmas dinner, but it all went perfectly well and we had a lovely evening. The girls were again spoiled with a lot of presents and they were so patience and so happy all evening which was so nice to see. Did you also have a nice Christmas?


  1. Dat ziet er mooi uit! En wat fijn dat je goede dagen hebt gehad!

  2. Wow, you did a nice job decorating 'the christmastable'! My christmas was very nice! Always very busy at family gatherings because my brother and I have 6 kids in total and 4 of them are under 1.5 years old... (Of schrijf ik het best in het Nederlands?)

  3. Looks very elegant! Glad you had fun! :) x


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