22 December 2012

Preparing for Christmas

Today I have been working in the kitchen all afternoon preparing some yummy food for Christmas. 

Tomorrow my parents from Denmark will arrive and then I don’t want to be more than necessary in the kitchen, so I started today, and I must admit that I do enjoy cooking. 

Normally I don’t write much about cooking here on my blog, but it’s defiantly also one of my hobbies and I love to impress and make new things. So today was a nice day! The girls took care of delivering all our Christmas cards to neighbors and friends, my husband did some shopping for me and I was cooking in the kitchen. 

The cooking today was quite traditionally Danish. First I made the Harings in vinegar, then some Christmas meatballs and finally some apple ‘balls’ in Danish called 'æbleskiver'. 

Luckily we have Ikea here in Holland. There we could buy the traditional glogg that goes with the 'æbleskiver'. We are going to have that tomorrow when my parents arrive.

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