14 December 2012


Tomorrow my dear husband and I are going to a Danish Christmas lunch/dinner in the evening. In Danish we call it ‘Julefrokost’.

Normally I’m the one who makes the Christmas lunches, but this year I take a break, and my dear Danish friend Kristine is taking over instead.

At a Danish Christmas lunch, it’s a costume that you each bring a little present and after dinner we all play a game with dices, with the purpose to win one or several presents. It’s always great fun to play with only adults and too see the child in everyone coming back again.

This year I added a little bit extra on the present to make it more fun. I added the text, translated; ‘choose me’ or ‘take me’.

I am now curios to see if the presents get popular.



  1. Wauw hvor smukt! fed indpakning! :D

  2. What a lovely tradition, you have wrapped your presents beautifully! :)


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