31 December 2012

Happy new year!

A year has pasted and New Years evening is almost here. An evening which in many eyes most be a perfect night for the greatest party of the year.

But I don’t see that any longer. Partying is not that important for me and instead I prefer an evening with my family and best friends having a nice meal and playing some funny games with the kids. 

Fireworks I don’t buy either. I think it’s a waste of my money. We only have these stars you can light up with the kids and then we look at all the fireworks other people use a fortune on. I am really surprised to see in the news how much money people spend on fireworks every year? 

New Years Eve is also an evening to stand still by what have happened the last year and to make some wishes and plans for the New Year to come. I do not wish for much, but have a lot of small plans and idea’s I want to try out, but let’s see what the new year will bring and take it from there. One step at the time. 

I wish you all a happy new year and the best for 2013. Let’s make it a happy and creative year with lots of small memories.

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  1. Sounds like you have a perfect evening planned! Wishing you good things for 2013! :) x


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