10 December 2012

Christmas decoration has arrived

This weekend we really got started with getting into the mood for Christmas. I decorated the home. I am not so much into all that bling bling for Christmas here at home. I like the more natural things. It’s only on my Christmas tree you will find several bling bling things, but then in old style. 

The little house you see here under is new this year. A typical little Dutch house with Christmas light in it as well. You can buy so many different houses and churches with light and movement, but I like just a single little one and together with the deer and the tree it looks a little bit like a landscape.  

The Christmas paper ornaments the girls and I made together yesterday.We made them out of vintage wallpaper. It was a bit too difficult for them, but they tried and we did it together. That’s the best thing about homemade Christmas decoration. The ornaments come from this creative lady which also has a DIY how to make it.

On flavourites live I bought this cute simple wooden tree with the leather ornaments. I just love things like that. The knitted balls I got as a present last year and wish that I had more of these.

We also had time to make some Christmas cookies and now see if there are any left in two weeks? 


  1. Neej hvor har du fine ting. Interessant, at din julepyntestil er så ren og naturlig. Det ville jeg ikke have troet, når jeg tænker på dine børnedesigns. Men supersmukt og stemnigsfuldt. Håber du og din famile får en skøn december og en dejlig jul:-)

    1. Du har ret. Det er nok ikke lige den stil man forventer fra mig, men hvis jeg gennemfφrer pigernes stil igennem hele huset fφler jeg at det bliver for meget. Der skal være forskel på bφrn og voksne. Lidt retro kommer der ind her og der, og mit juletræ bliver afgjort pyntet med en masse gamle dejlige ting, og det bliver godt fyldt, ikke noget med et bart juletræ her. Men det skal jeg nok vise når det kommer ind.

  2. I really love these little wallpaper decorations, we are going to do some at the weekend, all looking lovely! :)


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