06 November 2012


Alieke finally had her birthday party for her best friends last Saturday. It was a sleep-over and they were in totally 5 kids with Alieke and her little sister Emmelie. 

It was a day with sweet’s, pancakes off course, disco with disco light in the evening. Games were played and a lot of laughing and fooling around. Finally they finished with a movie in bed with popcorn and that should be the last thing before sleeping… 

But you guessed it! Finally under the covers they were not at all sleepy and a lot of laughing and giggling went on. But everything comes to an end and they went to sleep around 23.15.  It was what to be expected from 5 girls and I was pleased….

until next morning around 4.30. Then they suddenly all were awake again and were ready to have a laugh again. No more sleep to any of us that night. But they were laughing and enjoying themselves and we let them. 

We finished the morning by making some cookies they could take with them home and then I was tired. Party over and the girls well home to their own parents again. What a sleepover. Fun! but exhausted. All of us. That night we all went to bed early and Alieke is still not in her normal sleeping rhythm, but that’s just what you have to pay for waking up 4.30 in the morning.




  1. Heerlijk zo'n meidenfeestje! :-)

    Hieperdepiep voor Alieke!


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