09 November 2012

DIY (recycling again)

I am so much into recycling old toy’s at the moment, that the idea’s keeps coming and I just have to try them out. Here’s another little cute DIY for making a kind of basket out of old toy boxes from puzzles or games.

I used 3 old boxes. Glued them on top of each other and started cutting the lid on the top, then the bottom and the next lid, and so on, depending how many layers you have. 

Then I made a little basket out of felt and placed it into the hole. I didn’t glue it onto the basket because there is not much to hang on to. (You could decide to make the inside of the basket out of paper or hardboard instead of fabric, but I am not that good in that, so I decided to use fabric. That’s more my thing)

The box you can use as storage for all kind of things. I can imagine that if you use smaller boxes it could be perfect for pens or pencils?


  1. Echt super leuk! Wat maak je toch mooie en leuke dingen! Fijn weekend.

  2. Hvor er den fin, super ide! :)


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