08 October 2012


I have been sitting behind my sewing machine a lot the last week and the production is really rolling. 

In one and a half month I am joining a market (kind of fair) in Amsterdam called ‘Flavourite Live’ as I have been talking about earlier, and I want to be well prepared with a lot of nice products. 

The two baskets on the pictures, I bought the other day with the idea of using them on the market for my products. I love the rough used look, but they are brand new which also means that they don’t make my products dirty. 

The cars you have seen before but in a rattle. Now I have turned them into a soft clothes which you can use with a pacifier or a little biting ring for the teeth.


  1. Hvor er det fint det du laver, får du trykte det fine stof selv?

  2. Tak! og ja det er mine egne stoffer som jeg selv får trykt hos Spoonflower i U.S.A.

  3. Uh, hvor er det fine sager, det marked ville jeg gerne med til!!


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