17 October 2012

Happy birthday Sweetie!

Then came her big day! Eight years is a big deal for a young girl and she woke up with a big smile on face when we were singing for her by her bed. A perfect start for a birthday and then downstairs having presents. 

At school she was treating everybody with a healthy happy meal bag with sticks from cheese, cucumber and carrots. I cut them like French fries and it looked very nice with all the colors. Tip: If you want to make something like this as well, don’t make it too long in advance because the bags get a little wet from the vegetables. 

This afternoon she has no school and is off for dancing lessons later on. But when she is coming home I have prepared a nice lunch with fresh bread from the market. We will just be relaxing and playing with her presents. Outside is wet and cold, so we stay nicely inside today. Tonight she has ordered pancakes, so I know what to do when she is dancing.


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