13 October 2012

Car wallet

I have been making a new product last week and I am very pleased with it. It’s a kind of wallet for small cars which the children can fill with 3 of their favorite cars when they go away with their mum or dad for a day or maybe a weekend.

It comes in 3 different color combinations; Red and blue as you can see here on the pictures and a green one as well which still need to be made. When I finished the first two colors, I just couldn’t wait to show you what I had made.

I must admit the idea is not all mine. I know you can find something similar elsewhere, but this one is in my style and think that it fits perfectly to my collection on my Webshop.



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  2. Hold op, hvor er det godt tænkt. De er intet mindre end fantastiske :-)

  3. Thank you for your positive reactions. Always nice to hear on new product's

  4. These are so lovely! What kiddy wouldn't want one of these. The whole tote is wonderful with printed roads and individual pouches, I love them!
    Loving all the work in your shop!

  5. ELSKER virkelig dine ting altså! Har købt to ting af dig som pynter såå fint hjemme hos os ;)


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