10 September 2012

Recycle old toy's 'part 1'

In November I am going to a fair with my Webshop and I am now already busy thinking of how to represent my products. I get a lot of idea’s and some I just have to try out immediately to see if they work. You also know that I love old toys and they are often inspiration for my products. I want to use old toys in my decoration there as well and this weekend it was just perfect weather for a little painting job. 

What I did here was; I used a lot of wooden blogs and glued them together with strong glue. Then I spray painted it all in a dark grey and placed the two items on top of each other to make a kind of bookshelf. The two shelves are not glued together and can also be use separately if I want to. 

I wanted a cool shelf for my boy products and I think it has turned out quite nice. 

You can easily try this at home as well and build your own little shelf for your little boy. Paint it in a bright color perhaps and you will have a unique piece of furniture. 
Nb. I bought all these wooden blogs in a second hand shop, not expensieve at all.



  1. mooi en leuk ebdacht:-) echt origineel!

  2. Genial idé! Ser jo totalt ridderborgs/kampestens -agtig ud, uden at der går riddertema i den. I like!

    1. Det er nok også lige hvad man sætter ind i for at undgå at det er totalt riddertema. Men du har ret der er noget ridderborg over det, og det var egentlig også mit mål.


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