26 September 2012

New pacifier 'Natursutten' for sale.

I am today happy to pronounce that The ecological ‘Natursutten’ from Ecobaby is now available in my Webshop

I am very curious about what the Dutch people think about this pacifier? It could be nice if I could get some help from Danish mum’s telling us about their experience about this pacifier. I know that it’s quite well known in Denmark and very popular as well, so if you feel the need of letting the Dutch mum’s know how good this pacifier is, please leave a comment here.




  1. ......And by the way I have a giveaway from Natursutten on my blog at the moment!

  2. When my boy was born, I could not imagine using a pacifier that was not all natural. We used Natursutten the first year of his life and we loved it. He did too.
    It's easy to clean, since there are no lille nooks like on regular pacifiers.
    The only downside is, that it looks a little silly when a newborn uses it, since it is quite big.

  3. Ik zal het doorgeven aan een vriendin, want zij verwacht een kindje! :-))


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