15 August 2012

Junk! or not?

After some very nice days here with my parents from Denmark, the girls and I are back to a relaxed holiday schedule. 

Today we went to the nearest second hand store which is a nice big hall with a lot of junk. But junk can be nice and fun as well, and some of us are so crazy that we buy it and even love it. Here is some of what we found today.

I just love the layouts from the games and the little car I am going to paint and use for my products. The little iron board is for Emmelie and the fabric on it just fit her room perfectly.



  1. O, wat een heerlijke spulletjes!

  2. Super! Dat had ik ook niet kunnen laten staan.

  3. When I first worked with young children we had all these toys, if only I'd have known, they wouldn't have got thrown away, I'd have saved them all! Ada :)

  4. Ingen junk der; bare skatte :-)

  5. Very nice things! I just love the little pink suitcase!

  6. Like your blog alot, beautiful colours ♥



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